Australia's only Usage-
and Behaviour-Based
car insurance platform,

Behave & Save is a state-of-the-art vehicle telematics platform with all of the embedded capabilities that insurers need to seamlessly deliver usage and behavioural based car insurance solutions (UBI/BBI), efficiently and profitably, without the prohibitive complexity, risk and cost, as-a-service

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Our subscription based telematics platform includes all of the capabilities needed to develop and deliver Usage- (UBI) and Behavioural-Based Insurance (BBI) products.

We provide a white-labelled web portal and mobile application to make sure your customers receive the best possible user experience or, use our API's to receive driver data that you can integrate into your systems.

We have also developed a comprehensive range of vehicle management and security features that help stimulate engagement and advocacy, while reduce claims and losses.

Usage & Behavioural
Product Enablement 

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Driver Awareness 
and Education

The introduction of in-vehicle telematics technology holds considerable promise with respect to reductions in road accidents, trauma and deaths.

Our platform enables the gathering of safety-specific behavioural driving information that when combined with learner driver programs can raise behavioural awareness and facilitate engaging education programs that encourage self regulation.

Everyone Benefits

Immediate and extensive benefits for insurers, drivers and the wider Australian community.


 Improving awareness and education to make sure drivers have the tools and information they need to

Behave and Save 

Our Experience

We are a local Insurtech with foundational experience in real-time vehicle telematics and IoT. Our intelligent telematics platform and solution capabilities are the result of years of development, engagement, and feedback from a diverse range of businesses, industries and market segments

The platform and embedded capabilities have been intentionally developed to be an all-inclusive subscription based enabler that supports safety and delivers instant economies of scale for insurers, albeit, while directly reducing risk, claims costs and loss ratios.

The only
"out-of-the-box" capability for all insurers wanting diversify their existing product offerings or drive efficiencies across exiting UBI/BBI solutions  

Our Mission

Our goal is make available our state-of-art telematics platform to help raise driving awareness and self-regulation as a way of directly improving driving behaviours and community safety.

By extension, democratising UBI/BBI insurance and empowering car insurers to innovate and achieve transformative change. Positive influential change that aligns with government and community road safety initiatives, while improving

awareness and education so that drivers are better equipped to behave while driving, and save lives and money in the process.


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